Tour Velvet Vs Tour Velvet 360

Tour Velvet Vs Tour Velvet 360: Ultimate Grip Guide

Tour Velvet Vs Tour Velvet 360 : are two distinct golf grip models by Golf Pride. The Tour Velvet 360 is designed for adjustable clubs, lacking the traditional grip alignment.

Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 grips stand as top choices among golfers seeking optimal performance. The Tour Velvet is revered for its consistent feel and non-slip surface, making it a staple for standard clubs. Its counterpart, the Tour Velvet 360, boasts a uniform tactile experience regardless of club orientation, which is particularly beneficial for modern adjustable drivers, fairways, and hybrids.

This unique feature ensures that the grip’s pattern and surface integrity are maintained at any adjustment setting, providing golfers with a reliable hold during every swing. Both grips play a pivotal role in enhancing a player’s control and comfort, directly influencing accuracy and swing consistency on the course.

Tour Velvet Legacy

Tour Velvet grips have set the benchmark for performance and feel in the golf industry. Tracing back their origins, these grips were crafted with an innovative design that provided a non-slip surface in all weather conditions, sparking a revolution in golf grip technology and player expectations.

Their prevalent use among tour professionals and amateur golfers alike speaks volumes about their quality. Offering a tangible edge in play, Tour Velvet grips are synonymous with reliability and excellence. Not surprisingly, they are often the default choice for many golf club manufacturers.

The basic features that contribute to their ongoing popularity include a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a computer-designed non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability and confidence. The benefits are clear: improved grip traction, consistency in swing mechanics, and a greater level of control that affords players an enhanced performance on the course.

Essential Grip Dynamics

Grip texture and feel are critical factors for any golfer looking to maintain control and consistency throughout their swing. The right texture can provide a non-slip surface, allowing for a lighter grip pressure and enhancing overall performance. Personal preference plays a significant role in determining the ideal balance between a coarse and smooth grip.

The firmness of a golf grip impacts the amount of feedback transmitted from club to player. Golfers seeking greater feedback may favor firmer grips, which can lead to increased precision. Conversely, some players benefit from softer grips which can reduce hand fatigue and absorb shock more effectively.

Managing tackiness and moisture is paramount for ensuring a reliable grip in various weather conditions. Grips like the Tour Velvet series typically feature materials designed to wick away moisture and maintain tackiness, assuring a consistent grip and preventing slippage during swings.

Core Differences

Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 grips are highly sought after in the golfing community for their quality and performance. Addressing material variations, both are made of a rubber-blend compound, but the Tour Velvet 360 often features a non-slip surface texture for superior grip throughout the swing regardless of weather conditions.

Design philosophy takes a significant role in differentiating the two grips. Tour Velvet focuses on delivering a classic, reliable grip, suitable for a wide range of golfers. Contrastingly, Tour Velvet 360 was developed with adjustability in mind, creating a grip that works efficiently with adjustable club heads without the need for realignment after making modifications.

The surface pattern contrast is also an area where the two differentiate. While both feature a consistent traction pattern, the Tour Velvet 360’s design is uniform which allows for a consistent feel in both hands no matter the club’s orientation. On the other hand, Tour Velvet offers a distinct logo placement which aids in hand alignment for those not using adjustable clubs.

Installation Variability

Golf enthusiasts exploring grip options will find that the Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 each present unique features suited to different club types. The Tour Velvet grips are traditionally designed for woods and irons, where the grip’s logo and design help in grip alignment. On the other hand, Tour Velvet 360 grips are logo-free and uniform in design, which makes them an ideal choice for adjustable drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids. This style allows for 360-degree rotation, which is essential when clubs can be oriented in multiple ways due to their adjustability.

Ease of application for both grip types is relatively straightforward; however, Tour Velvet 360 grips offer a slight edge in versatility. The absence of logos and alignment aids means that they can be installed in any direction, thus reducing installation time and effort. This uniformity is highly conducive to efficiently fitting clubs that frequently undergo loft and lie adjustments.

Performance On The Course

Grip stability during swings is crucial for any golfer, and both the Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 grips provide exceptional control. The unique rubber-blend compound with a high-traction texture ensures a non-slip surface for consistent hand placement. Golfers may notice that Tour Velvet 360’s design, which lacks traditional grip patterns, offers an edge in uniformity, making it a solid choice for adjustable clubs.

The ability to minimize unwanted feedback and vibration is another key performance attribute. Players often report that the vibration dampening technology within the Tour Velvet series provides a comfortable, shock-absorbing feel upon impact, translating to a purer connection with the ball.

DurabilityTour VelvetTour Velvet 360
Material CompositionState-of-the-art rubber blendUniform rubber blend
Wear PatternMay show wear on common grip areasEven wear due to non-directional pattern
LongevityExcellent with proper careEnhanced due to 360 design

The durability and wear over time differ subtly between the two models. While both manufactured with longevity in mind, the Tour Velvet 360’s uniform pattern tends to endure frequent adjustments and rotations better, thus potentially extending grip life for players who frequently tweak their clubs.

Personalization And Preference

Assessing your hold style involves evaluating your grip technique and the comfort you desire from a golf grip. Golfers with a stronger grip may prefer the Tour Velvet for its classic, firmer feel, while those seeking tackiness and texture might lean towards the Tour Velvet 360’s uniform pattern.

Weather and playing conditions play a significant role in selecting the right grip. The Tour Velvet performs well in dry conditions, whereas the Tour Velvet 360 is renowned for its all-weather performance, ensuring a consistent grip even in wet conditions due to its 360-degree design.

Golfers can customize for their game by considering factors such as swing speed, hand moisture, and glove use. For those seeking a stable grip irrespective of their orientation, the Tour Velvet 360 may be the best option as it eliminates logo alignment issues and provides versatility for adjustable club heads.

Advancements In Grip Technology

The golf industry has witnessed significant evolution in grip technology with the introduction of the Tour Velvet 360. Compared to its predecessor, the Tour Velvet, the 360 version offers enhanced features designed for the modern golfer. Key innovations include a uniform grip texture and a non-slip surface around the entire circumference, allowing for consistent performance regardless of club orientation.

Adjustability and club versatility are paramount with Tour Velvet 360, ensuring it fits adjustable drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids with ease. This flexibility eliminates the need for frequent regripping, providing golfers with a more economical choice without compromising on quality or comfort.

Tour VelvetTour Velvet 360
Standard grip textureUniform, 360-degree grip texture
Limited to non-adjustable clubsOptimized for adjustable clubs
Periodic regripping neededReduced need for regripping
Tour Velvet Vs Tour Velvet 360: Ultimate Grip Guide


Professional Tips

Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 grips are both highly favored by tour players. The preference often varies from player to player, with many emphasizing the non-slip texture and tackiness as key factors in their performance.

Golf professionals often highlight the Tour Velvet for its consistent grip pattern, which works wonders for standard clubs. On the other hand, the Tour Velvet 360 is praised for its versatility, being ideal for adjustable clubs due to its uniform grip pattern.

Club fitters and instructors recommend paying close attention to the feel during swings and weather conditions, as these elements distinctly influence the effectiveness of each grip. They often suggest trying both to understand the impact on swing mechanics and comfort.

Tour VelvetTour Velvet 360
Classic grip patternUniform grip design
Ideal for non-adjustable clubsSuited for adjustable driver and fairway woods
Better for traditionalistsFavored for modern club setups

Frequently Asked Questions On Tour Velvet Vs Tour Velvet 360

What Are The Differences Between Tour Velvet And 360?

Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 grips differ primarily in their design patterns. Tour Velvet is designed with a classic wrap-style, while Tour Velvet 360 has a uniform, non-slip surface texture that’s effective in all grip directions, making it ideal for adjustable clubs.

Is Tour Velvet 360 Better For Adjustable Clubs?

Yes, Tour Velvet 360 is better for adjustable clubs. Its consistent non-slip texture and lack of logo allow for a uniform feel when the club is rotated. This makes it a preferred choice for golfers using adjustable drivers, fairways, and hybrids.

Can Tour Velvet Grips Improve My Golf Game?

Tour Velvet grips might improve your golf game by providing better hand traction and control. A consistent grip helps in delivering more accurate shots. However, the ultimate effect on your game depends on your personal comfort and technique.

How Long Do Tour Velvet Grips Last?

Tour Velvet grips generally last for about a year of regular use before showing wear. Their lifespan can vary depending on frequency of play, weather conditions, and maintenance. Regular cleaning may extend their life.


Choosing between Tour Velvet and Tour Velvet 360 grips comes down to individual preference and playing style. Both offer their unique advantages, helping golfers maintain control and comfort. Prioritize your needs, test them out, and select the grip that promises to elevate your game to the next level.

Swing confidently, knowing you’ve made the right choice for your clubs.

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