P760 Vs P790: Unraveling the Ultimate Golf Iron Showdown

P760 Vs P790 are both golf club models manufactured by TaylorMade. P760 is designed for better ball strikers with its compact shape and minimal offset, while P790 offers more forgiveness and distance due to its hollow body construction and foam-filled core.

Golfers looking for precision and control may prefer the P760, known for its workability and feel. On the other hand, the P790 is suitable for players seeking enhanced distance and forgiveness without sacrificing too much control. Both models incorporate advanced technology to meet the demands of different skill levels, making them popular choices for avid golfers.

Understanding the specific features and benefits of each club can help golfers make an informed decision based on their individual playing styles and preferences.

Introduction To P760 And P790

Introducing the P760 and P790 golf irons: The P760 and P790 are two remarkable golf iron models that cater to different golfer preferences and playing styles. While the P760 focuses on offering exceptional feel and control, the P790 is designed to deliver outstanding distance and forgiveness. Both irons come with cutting-edge technology and superior craftsmanship, making them highly sought after in the golfing community.

Key features and benefits of the P760: The P760 is crafted to provide golfers with unparalleled precision and shot shaping capabilities. Its forged construction, paired with Speed Foam technology, enhances feel and distance control. Additionally, the compact grain forging ensures a smooth and responsive impact, allowing for greater shot versatility and consistent performance on the course.

Key features and benefits of the P790: The P790 is renowned for its exceptional power and playability. Featuring Speed Foam Air technology and a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, the P790 offers explosive distance and forgiveness. The forged hollow body construction maximizes ball speed and delivers unmatched consistency, making it an ideal choice for golfers seeking long, straight, and effortless shots.

Comparison Of P760 And P790

The P760 and P790 golf clubs are known for their differences in forgiveness and feel. The P760 offers better control and precision, while the P790 excels in distance and forgiveness. Players can choose based on their specific needs and preferences for improved performance on the course.

Constructed with a compact head for enhanced workability and control, P760 irons feature a forged construction designed to optimize feel and distance. The design also incorporates a progressive set structure, catering to the needs of players who prioritize shot shaping and precision.P790 irons, on the other hand, boast a hollow body construction with Speed Foam™ technology, maximizing face flexibility and increasing ball speed while maintaining a high MOI. This design is aimed at players seeking distance and forgiveness without sacrificing feel.
Featuring a minimal offset, the P760 irons are tailored for players who prefer a traditional, compact appearance at address, catering to the eye of accomplished golfers who value aesthetics and shot control.Meanwhile, the P790 irons exhibit a bit more offset, aiming to provide a touch more forgiveness. This design choice appeals to a wider range of players, including those seeking distance and playability without compromising on the feel.
The P760 irons are designed to offer a softer, more consistent feel, appealing to players who prioritize feedback and a pure sensation at impact, contributing to the overall experience during play.With a focus on maximizing distance and forgiveness, P790 irons provide a solid, yet responsive feel, catering to players who value the added confidence of knowing their misses will still yield respectable outcomes.

Conclusion And Final Verdict

Both P760 and P790 irons have their pros and cons. The P760 offers exceptional precision and control, making it a popular choice among low handicappers. Its compact shape and forged construction provide a satisfying feel and consistent performance on the course. On the other hand, the P790 boasts impressive distance and forgiveness, making it a favorite for golfers looking to maximize their long game. Its innovative technology and hollow construction contribute to powerful launches and improved playability. Our recommendation ultimately depends on your specific needs and playing style. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each club carefully to determine which model aligns best with your golfing preferences and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions Of P760 Vs P790

What Are The Main Differences Between P760 And P790?

The P760 features a compact, blade-like design, while the P790 offers a more forgiving, distance-oriented profile. The P760 prioritizes workability and versatility, while the P790 emphasizes distance and forgiveness, catering to different player preferences and skill levels.

Which Golfers Would Benefit More From The P760 Irons?

The P760 irons are best suited for skilled players seeking enhanced workability and shot-shaping capabilities. With its compact head shape and emphasis on feel and control, the P760 is ideal for players who prioritize precision over distance, providing a high level of playability for their game.

How Do The P790 Irons Enhance Forgiveness And Distance?

The P790 irons incorporate advanced SpeedFoam technology to optimize COR and improve ball speed, resulting in greater distance and forgiveness. The hollow construction and low-profile tungsten weighting also contribute to higher launch and enhanced playability, offering golfers exceptional distance and forgiveness.

What Sets The P760 And P790 Irons Apart In Terms Of Playability?

The P760 irons are designed for workability and precision, featuring a smaller profile and compact shape to provide enhanced shot-making capabilities. In contrast, the P790 irons prioritize distance and forgiveness with a larger, more forgiving head design, targeting a wider range of players seeking maximum distance and playability.


In recap, both the P760 and P790 irons are top performers on the golf course. They offer exceptional distance, forgiveness, and playability, catering to a wide range of golfers. Whether you prioritize control or power, TaylorMade has a solution for you with these remarkable iron sets.

Elevate your game today!

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