Newport Vs Newport 2

Newport Vs Newport 2: Face-off for Supreme Performance

Newport Vs Newport 2: The Newport and Newport 2 putters are two popular golf club models offered by Titleist. The main difference lies in the design of the clubheads, with the Newport 2 featuring a slightly smaller and more compact design compared to the standard Newport.

While both putters offer high performance and precision, the choice ultimately comes down to the individual golfer’s personal preferences and playing style. Factors such as feel, alignment options, and forgiveness should be considered when making the decision between Newport and Newport 2 putters.

Understanding the specific features and benefits of each model can help golfers make an informed choice that aligns with their putting needs and enhances their overall performance on the green.

Overview Of Newport & Newport 2

Newport Vs Newport 2
The Scotty Cameron Newport putter features a classic design with a sleek finish and a refined look. Its precision-milled head provides optimal weight distribution for a smooth putting stroke. The feedback from users highlights its responsiveness and consistency on the greens, making it a popular choice among golfers. On the other hand, the Newport 2 putter showcases a more compact head with updated perimeter weighting for enhanced stability. Its modern aesthetics and cutting-edge technology deliver a responsive feel and improved alignment. Players appreciate its performance and feel, making it a strong competitor against the traditional Newport putter.

Face-off: Design And Performance Comparison

Comparing the design and performance of Newport versus Newport 2 showcases the distinct features of each model. The differences in design and performance provide a unique experience for users to consider when choosing between the two options.

Newport PutterNewport 2 Putter
Classic design with a slightly larger head shapeStreamlined head for a more modern look and optimal balance
Available with the traditional plumbers neck and short flow neckOffers a variety of hosel options including the modern and popular long neck
Provides a softer sound and feel at impactDelivers a crisper sound and solid feel, favored by golfers seeking feedback

Players’ Choice: Pros And Cons

Professional golfers scrutinize every aspect of their equipment to ensure it enhances their performance. The Newport putter has long been a preferred choice among professional players due to its classic design and consistent performance. The precision milled head provides excellent feedback and a satisfying sound upon impact. However, some players find it to be less forgiving on mishits, requiring impeccable precision.

The Newport 2 putter offers a sleeker profile and improved perimeter weighting, catering to the preferences of many professional golfers. It provides enhanced stability and forgiveness, allowing for more consistent performance, especially under pressure. Nonetheless, some players find the smaller head to be less confidence-inspiring on longer putts.

Amateur golfers also weigh the pros and cons of these putters based on their own preferences and playing styles. While both models have garnered praise for their craftsmanship and feel, each player’s unique stroke and preferences ultimately dictate which putter proves to be the better fit for them.


Frequently Asked Questions On Newport Vs Newport 2

How Does The Newport Putter Differ From The Newport 2?

The Newport putter and Newport 2 differ in the sole design, with the Newport 2 having a slightly smaller profile for improved alignment. The Newport 2 also has a plumbing neck that offers a different look and feel compared to the standard Newport.

What Type Of Golfer Benefits From The Newport 2 Putter?

The Newport 2 putter is ideal for golfers who prefer a slightly smaller, more compact putter head. The improved alignment aids and plumbing neck design make it suitable for golfers who have a more arced putting stroke and prefer a cleaner look at address.

How Does The Newport Putter Compare In Terms Of Feel?

The Newport putter offers a firmer feel compared to the Newport 2, making it suitable for golfers who prefer a solid, responsive feedback upon ball impact. The slightly larger profile of the Newport putter also offers enhanced forgiveness while still maintaining excellent feel.


Whether you opt for the Newport or the Newport 2, Scotty Cameron offers exceptional putters suited to different preferences. Both models deliver impressive performance and precision, ensuring a satisfying golfing experience. The choice ultimately boils down to personal feel and playstyle, so take your time and choose the one that best fits your game.

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