Things to know about golf balls


Every shot that you hit with a club is because of the presence of a golf ball. It is really important to get one of the best one for your game. There are a number of golf balls present in the market, each of them has its own abilities and disabilities. The way the brands present their golf balls makes it really tough to select a good one. This article will definitely boon you with some of the knowledge regarding a golf ball. So keep reading.
There are five category of golf balls available in the market. They are:
One piece: These balls are used on crazy golf courses and driving ranges. It is inexpensive and can’t travel for a long distance.
Two piece: This ball has got a solid core. It is a perfect combination of distance and durability.
Three piece: A liquid rubber surrounds a solid rubber core which is enclosed in a synthetic and softer plastic cover. This provides more spin as well as is easy to control around the greens.
Four piece: It is a combination of three piece feel and two piece distance. To provide spin, a soft rubber core is enclosed in two separate layers.
Five piece: This type of balls provide an optimised performance in 5 fields i.e. driving, short wedge shorts, mid irons, long irons, and short irons.