Golf Grips – Most CRAZY thing to IGNORE while playing golf.

Golf Grips

Do you ignore your golf grip?

Is something affecting your game? Can you have a poor grip and do well? Well, that cannot happen at all. Golf is loved by people from all over the world. But this is a game which has to be played in the right way and one of the most important things is Golf Grip. Golfers just starting out may not pay the right attention to this. But if that happens the quality of your game would get affected. This can affect the power, speed, and accuracy. Professional would tell you how important it is.  Remember, always that your grip is the only link between your hand and gold club.
Important Points to remember about golf grip.

  • It is always very important to have good-condition and tacky golf grip which makes the holding of the golf stick much easier. Also, it should be checked regularly to avoid any loss of a stroke. Golf grip controls the club and that is something very important.
  • If your golf grip is getting worn, then you need to change them. If that is the case it could cause a slip too and may affect the game. This all depends on how much you play every year. The importance of a good golf grip should never be ignored.