Tips for a newbie golf player


Numerous individuals become obsessive about rehearsing at the driving extent, always hitting several long-range shots. This is only helpful if you are following a correct technique; several golfers including the experienced ones neglect their putting. Putts represent around 50 percent of your strokes in a round; nearly 50 percent of golfers’ time is spent working on putting.

Focus on your grip:
Your hands are the most important body part of the game. It is important that you have got the correct grip. Always follow the instruction by the experts about the grip. There are three important grips: the baseball, the Vardon and the interlocking. You need to sit with your coach and decide the best one that suits you. Making your grip perfect takes months or sometimes even years to learn. It is important to practice harder and harder by hitting an uncountable number of shots.

Use cavity-back clubs: