Do’s and Don’ts for a Golf Beginners


Who will hit the first?

Do: On the tee, the player that was the top scorer in the previous hole, will hit first followed by the second best scorer. In case of an equal score in the last hole, a player that scores best in the previous two holes has the honor to hit first and so on.

Don’t: It is not wise to take too much time preparing to hit. The best time to prepare your strategy is before you pick the club.

For the right Swing

Do: The first and foremost important task for the beginners is to learn how to grip the club in the right way.

Don’t: Keep your head down through impact. Let it follow through the rest of your body.

Do: It is important to learn how to bend from the hips.

Don’t: Bend from the knees, it is very awkward to bend from the knees while hitting the ball.

Do: For beginners, it is wise to focus on short games by short game and chipping before moving to long irons.

Don’t: When you are using long irons and long shots, avoid to dive straight in. These types of shots need extensive practice and long experience to perform it masterfully.

During the game

Do: A successful golfer keeps into account even the smallest things like the position of other players. For beginners, it is important to be aware of other players’ position because most of the shots are off the target in the beginning.

Don’t: Step in another player’s putting line. It is important to note the position of each player’s ball and avoid to stop on the lines of any other player.

Do: When your ball is heading towards another player or group of players, yell “Fore!” to warn them before the ball hit them. In case you hear the same yell, try to sit down or find cover ASAP.

Don’t: Stand too close to a player who is hitting the ball. This is important for your safety, as well as for another player’s better concentration as some players don’t like someone else presence near them.

For high motivation

Do: Bring a friend or two along to practice with. Spare some time to know other players on the club.

Don’t: Use other player’s club or any other equipment during the practice or a tournament match. Buy your own equipment from your nearest golf course at the earliest.