Benefits of using a golf glove

Golf Gloves

The golf gloves were introduced during the late 1800s. In its early days, it was not considered an important part of golfing by the professionals. It took around 30 to 60 years when 95 percent of the golfers considered it as standard equipment. Today it is available in different designs and materials. They provide a lot of advantages. Let’s discuss them.
Golfers utilize a golf glove to protect the non-dominant hand i.e. hand for gripping from rankles and callouses brought about by unpleasant, rough leather wrap golf club grips. If you have got a soft skin or your hand develops callouses and blisters very easily then it’s a good idea to wear a golf glove.

Moisture Control/Weather Conditions:
Golfers are affected by different weather and climates in various ways. Some golf gloves are designed with facilities to withstand dry, cold or rainy weather conditions. The glove provides a good grip such that the club does not slip away from the fingers while performing a swing. Our palm secretes a waxy secretion called sebum. The golf gloves prevent our grips on the golf club to get slippery from these secretions. Sebum waterproofs and greases up the skin and hair, and plays an important role in thermoregulation to keep up body temperatures amid atmosphere changes. Getting sebum blended with rain or sweat on your golf hold can make numerous irregularities like errant shots or more regrettable, a golf club flying through the air.