7 Most Interesting Facts about Golf and Golf Course


3.A reach to space: Apollo 14 astronaut Allen Shephard during his mission took a golf club and a ball along with him to thr moon, he took a shot and observed it going miles ahead. Probably he holds the record of longest golf in the entire universe. Apart from golf Javeline throw was another sport played on the moon
4. The royal ban couldn’t stop golf: For your surprise after originated in 1457 Golf was banned three times, it happened because the Scottish government or clearly king James II believed golf is creating a distraction in the military training. But in 1502, King James IV lifted this ban.
5. Longest one: The longest put ever done on earth was a 395 feet putt done by Fergus Muir, covering 125 yards of the green. And of course, it is confirmed with Guinness Book of world records. Prior to this, the longest putt was of 375 feet.