7 Most Interesting Facts about Golf and Golf Course

Golf Course
Golf Course

Golf may be is the most fascinating game worldwide, from commoners to actors, to royalties all are mesmerized with its charm and fashion. For many of us, it’s a status symbol. But most of us are unaware about the facts related to the game and the golf course.

Invented in the royal state of Scotland, this sport has its roots to the lunar surface too. Its championships are no less than a full house show. People from all the generations, regions and continents love it.

Now, you must be aware of the game but are you aware of these awesome facts related to this game, let’s check out some amazing facts of Golf and Golf Course.

1.Mother of coincidence: Doug Ford or Douglas Michael Ford was an American professional golfer, owing to the victory of 1955 PGA championship and 1957 master’s tournament. An interesting incident took place with him in Georgia, when he predicted his win before the match along with the winning score of 282.

2.Right or left success is a habit: Phil Mickelson, a well known left-handed golfer in the world of golf. But surprisingly he is naturally a right-handed person. It happened as he imitated his father’s swing, and grabbed a lot of success through it.