6 weeks to golf fitness guide


The material contained within this guide is provided for general information only andshould not be treated as a substitute for medical or professional advice andsupervision. It should not be used to diagnose or treat any illness, metabolic disorder,disease or health problem.Before starting any exercise program or making any changes to your diet you shouldconsult your doctor – especially if you have a medical condition or if you are takingmedication or have related concerns.
1.1 The Important Role of Sports Science
1.2 Improve Your Golf Game
1.3 Reduce Your Risk of Injury1.4 Improve Your Health
1.5 Who’s It For?1.6 Why 6 Weeks?
1.7 Fitness For Golf
1.8 Effective But Simple FitnessSECTION
2.1 Choosing The Right Plan For You
2.2 Equipment You’ll Need
2.3 For Your Safety
2.4 Warm-Up Routine
2.5 Beginner Strength & Stability Circuit
2.6 Intermediate Strength & Stability Circuit
2.7 Advanced Strength & Stability Circuit
2.8 Stretching RoutineSECTION


trong>1.1 The Important Role of Sports Science

1.2 Improve Your Golf Game

1.3 Reduce Your Risk of Injury

1.4 Improve Your Health

1.5 Who’s It For?

1.6 Why 6 Weeks?

1.7 Fitness For GolfHere are the different elements of fitness that are the most relevant to golfers:STRENGTH & STABILITYIn the not too distant past, coaches assumed that strength and resistance training would hinder rather than helpgolfers. After all, big and bulky muscles are hard to coordinate and can impair a nicefull swing.We know today that improving your strength in a specific way can have a reallypositive impact on your game [21].The resistance exercises in 6 Weeks To Golf Fitness won’t leave you looking like apumped up bodybuilder but they will increase your strength and power for golf. Asan added bonus, you should also see favourable changes in both your body shape andbody composition.As a golfer you will also benefit from excellent postural strength – we’ll define that asthe ability to move and hold your torso in certain positions before, during and afterthe golf swing. Another word we can use to describe this type of postural strength is‘stability’…You may have heard of ‘core stability’, which has been a bit of a buzzword in thefitness industry for a few years now. It simply relates to the strength in and aroundyour midsection – that all important trunk area that connects the upper and lowerbody.The training plans in Section 2 will help you to develop all the right kinds of strengthin all the right places for both your golf game and your health.FLEXIBILITYFlexibility is one of the most overlooked and underrated elements of fitness.Not only do more supple golfers hit their drives and irons further, they also tend toshoot lower scores overall [9]. Better players are more flexible in their hips, torso andshoulders [10] and the exercises in 6 Weeks To Golf Fitness target those areas inparticular.But it’s not just about distance and scoring…If you suffer with a common golfing injury (lower back or shoulder problems inparticular), regular stretching can help get you back to full fitness and keep you thatway.One of the best ways to protect your back is to increase the strength and flexibility inyour midsection – your lower back, hip flexors and abdominal muscles [22,23].And even if you aren’t prone to those troublesome aches and pains, a good stretchingprogram can leave you feeling years younger.Whether you want to improve your golf or simply feel better on and off the course,follow the stretching exercises in Section 2.BALANCEWhile only a few studies have looked at the importance of balance in the golf swing,any teaching professional will tell you just how important it is.The exercise plans in 6 Weeks To Golf Fitness don’t include separate balanceexercises – that would be too time consuming. Instead, many of the strength andflexibility exercises have been chosen because they involve a balancing element aswell – allowing you to develop both at the same time.In my own experience, and other Sports Conditioning Specialists will agree,improving your balance, your strength and your flexibility has an added benefit…It improves your coordination. You become more aware of your own body; its subtlepositions and sensations. Now that can only have a positive effect on your golf swing– particularly your ball striking and consistency.Your short game should benefit too because of improved touch and feel.STAMINAWhen you walk an 18-hole golf course, you can expect to be on your feet for up to 5hours and cover a distance of 6 miles and more. By any standard that takes stamina!Most golfers can recall times when they faded and tired on the final few holes, maybeeven the entire back 9. Wouldn’t it be nice if you felt as fit and as strong walking tothe 19th hole as you did teeing off at the first?From a physical fitness point of view, there are different types of stamina, orendurance, and it’s important to quickly distinguish between two of them:Cardiovascular EnduranceCardiovascular endurance is the ability to sustain vigorous exercise for aprolonged period of time (usually a minimum of 10-20 minutes).For most players, a round of golf doesn’t raise the heart rate enough for it tobe classed as ‘vigorous exercise’ [24,25]. That means that cardiovascularendurance isn’t particularly important in golf. (There are some exceptions tothis – if your course is very hilly and you carry your bag or if you areparticularly unfit.)But it is important for your health. Regular, vigorous exercise significantlyreduces your risk of serious illness like heart disease, stroke, diabetes andcertain cancers. It also increases your life expectancy.The exercise routines in 6 Weeks To Golf Fitness are designed to improve yourgolf-specific strength and cardiovascular health at the same time.Muscular EnduranceBeing on your feet constantly for a 4-5 hour period is hard going, even thoughyou’ll probably never be out of breath. This has to do, in part, with muscularendurance…Every time you swing a golf club, it requires a burst of energy and a number oflarge muscle groups to work explosively. With each swing, your muscles tireand your energy reserves are depleted that bit more. This is another aspect ofmuscular endurance in golf.As you improve your strength, activities (like walking or swinging a club)become easier – in effect they place less of a demand on your body than theydid before. It takes longer for you to tire and you recover more quickly.The exercise plans in 6 Weeks To Golf Fitness will improve your muscularendurance. As a result, you’ll feel fitter during the final holes.It’s also worth bearing in mind that what you eat (or don’t eat) before andduring a round of golf can have a significant impact on your energy levels.BODY COMPOSITIONBody composition is used to describe the percentage of fat and nonfat tissue (such asmuscle and bone) in the body.Two people can be the same height and weigh exactly the same on the scales but havevery different body compositions and different body shapes as a result.We’ve all heard the health dangers of having too much body fat. From a golfingperspective, think of excess body fat as dead weight that you have to carry around acourse for 5 hours!Following one of the routines in the next section will have a positive impact on yourbody composition.